Born in 1961 in Wuppertal, my musical education started there at the “Wuppertaler Kurrende” for piano and choir at the age of 6. In 1974, I had my first harp lessons with L .Potuloff-Schad (solo harpist of the Wuppertaler Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Rhineland Music University). In 1978, I started my studies at the Rhineland Music University. During my studies, I was already called in as a substitute harp player in various opera-, orchestra-, and concert performances, such as in Duisburg, Dortmund, Bochum, Nürnberg, Hamburg, as well as in the” Young German Phiharmonic”. In this time, I also had my first solo harp performances. In 1982, I did the “artistic mature” exam which is a university diploma, followed by the “exam for concert” in 1984 and a solo performance with the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra.

In 1982, I was contracted by the “Norwegian State Opera Oslo” especially for the solo harp part in “Tannhäuser”. During my stay in Norway, I also took part in recordings for the Norwegian broadcasting company (solo harp with violin). In Oslo, I also took lessons with Eleonore Aingorn , former solo harpist of the Bolschoi orchestra. In 1983, I went back to Germany and was contracted by the “State Theater Kassel”. Just one year later, I was contracted by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra (VSO). During the following years, I took private lessons with Phia Berhout in Amsterdam and M.C. Jamet in Paris. A special private award was the possibility given to me by Georges Pretre to study a new interpretation of Debussy’s “Danses”.

In the past two decades, I have worked as a soloist in recordings for different TV and radio shows, not only with “my” orchestra, the VSO, but also for example with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (1997 as a guest musician on various concert tours with Ozawa, Muti, Metha and Sinopoli), the ensemble “Kontrapunkte” and the “Klangforum Wien”.

My “Concert Highlights” in the past years

In 2002, I was invited by the “Academy of Fine Arts” to do a concert in their picture gallery. Inspired by the paintings , I worked out a repertoire concerning all epochs of the pictures from the middle ages to the baroque, up to the Vienna Classical. This program was performed with the singer Christine Whittlesey and played on historical harps, and was also released on CD under the title “ut pictura musica”

In 2003, I had the honour to compile the musical program for the exhibition “quasi una fantasia - Jews and the music city of Vienna” in the Vienna Jewish Museum. After intensive research, I could finally present a repertoire of ostracized mainly Austrian composers of the “new Viennese school” even with some pieces having their premiere on this evening. Especially for this occasion, I founded the “Leibowitz Trio” and performed the program at different German festivals as well as in the Austrian cultural institute in NY.

In 2008, I did a concert with the violinist Maria Kubizek (concentus musicus) on historical instruments at the “musical instrument collection” Vienna.

In 2009, I started to deepen my interests in Viennese music, especially about the repertoire of Viennese harp players around 1800. In the same year, I did the first performances with my ensemble “The Harpist” (lever harp, vocals and violin).

To round off my CV, some aspects that will play an important role in my personal future are private lessons, workshops, master courses, compilation of musical programs for concerts, literature events, museums, exhibitions and more.